Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WiP Wednesday #41

Today is D-Day.  As in...Drop-him-off-at-preschool-for-the-first-time Day.  I'm nervous and excited, just like he is.  A part of me is so excited to have the house to myself to turn on the radio and sing along while sewing or cleaning or doing something that makes me feel like something other than a mother for a few hours.  And another part of me is nervous, wondering how he'll do socially, how he'll cope with not being with me, for the first time in his three years.  I really do think that he will do well in preschool, that it will be a good experience for him, and I feel confident that I've picked the right one, but only time will tell in a few hours when I drop him off.  Wish me luck :)'s what's going on in my sewing room this week...

Sewing Summit humongous 12" pouch

My huge embroidery pouch!

String block for August String Me Along


For the Love of Solids swap package


Still in progress:
Farmer's Wife Quilt Along - I was so excited about finishing up my warm/cool quilt top late on Monday that I skipped my regular FW update.  I finished up two blocks this week, Darting Birds and Duck & Ducklings, and they're in here somewhere...


Secret quilt - Quilt top is almost done, but I'm awaiting one last fabric to come in to finish up the top.


Ryan's guy quilt - Zilcho progress.

Quilt tops awaiting quilting:
Warm/cool quilt - Like I said yesterday, I have no idea how I'm going to quilt this just yet, but I do intend to baste it this weekend, hopefully, with another pair of hands around.  And a new can of spray baste, need to pick that up, too...

Stained glass HSTs

Weekender Bag - Oh yes, I am going to finally tackle this bag.  I've got the fabric, almost all of the notions (still hunting for a 30" zipper), and almost enough gumption to start cutting...


100 Quilts for Kids Quilt - I am going to get cracking on this one real soon, hopefully.  If you haven't heard of the 100 Quilts for Kids program that Kate is hosting, you must check it out!  I think I'm going to use a yummy stack of MoMo's Odyssea, which I've had for way too long in my stash, along with a few solids.

Swim, Bike, Quilt

WiP Wednesday #40 Recap:
Last week's total: 7
Finished this week: 3
New this week: 2
This week's total:


  1. It's a big day for you and your little guy! May it be a happy one for you both.

    Your Love of Solids project is FABULOUS. I love the colors, the block...everything. Well done.

  2. Grab a box of Kleenex. Cry for about 15 minutes and remember your little guy when he was born. By next week at this time you will be skipping from the drop-off point back to the car and thinking about what you will sew next.

    BEAUTIFUL photo on the warm/cool quilt. The bag pattern looks awesome.

    Good luck today! -- to you and your little guy.

  3. Hello! Good Luck - I believe your little guy is going to do fine at school! Your quilt top is amazing and the bag look great!

  4. I cried when I took my son to kindergarten for the first time and also grade 1, I had to hide from him. Kids love being with other kids, he'll be fine. ;D

    I love everything you do, and I don't say that to everyone! Actually, I've never said that before. I love your taste in fabrics and choice of patterns, I just wish I had more time to emulate you!

  5. Your warm/cool quilt looks fabulous! And so is your Farmer's Wife. Good luck today! I'm sure it will go great! For my guys' first day of school, I make chocolate chip cookies as a special treat for when they get home. That reminds me that I better stock up on some supplies. :)

  6. gah! sooo much lovely lovely stuff! Really love your solids piece, and the string blocks are gorgeous too..
    Hope you can sew happily this week, I'm sure your wee man will be absolutely loving it by the end of the week ;-)

  7. Big day- bet he loves it and I hope you enjoy the quiet. :) Cannot wait to see your bag!

  8. awww, take your tissues! I'm excited for our first day of preschool next week, but I know I'll cry. ;)

    Looking forward to seeing your weekender bag come together! Oh, seeing your cording in the picture reminds me, I didn't sew my fabric on there the first time, I used steam a seam to attach. Each time you sew the cording you get closer and closer to it and have to hide the last stitches. Using the steam a seam means one less set of stitching to hide. Make sense? Got to add that to my blog....

  9. Good luck with the big day - remember that if he doesn't love it at first he soon will. Lots going on in your sewing room and all gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful projects!
    I LOVE the fabrics for the weekender bag - what are they?
    Best of luck on pre-school today - it's sounds like you're both well prepared and it will be great. Two more weeks for me until I'll have some turn up the radio and sew time without my little ones!

  11. The solids quilt is BEAUTIFUL! Simply lovely. Good luck with pre-school. I've got one more year before I send my boy off.

  12. i always love your WIP days! so much to see!

    best wishes on your babe's first day of school. enjoy it! :)

  13. Good luck today! I know you'll both do gret! Everyone says kids love preschool and I'm sure your little one will be no exception! Be strong Mama!

    Love your projects, as usual!

  14. oh gosh - you are reminding me that my daughter starts in January! I have all of those emotions to look forward to *sniff sniff...

    Anyway great work this week!
    I especially love that first block!

    Kat xx

  15. Wishing you all the best for D Day!

    All your projects look great;I especially love the "For the Love of Solids" quilt.

  16. You can find a 30 in zipper at Jo-Ann's. Hope your little guy has a great day! Plus I hope you get to enjoy your day too! Love the cool/warm quilt, and the string blocks.

  17. Oh WOW - I DO wish you the best today - you are so going to love the little bit of free time - and cherish the together time even more!!
    I really like your big pouch - and that solids project - NICE!! Can't wait to see you finish up the warm/cool - it's fantastic!

  18. aww, he'll be fine! great progress, loving that pouch and the warm/cool.

  19. I bet your day goes by so fast! Enjoy it. I know Ryan will!

    Your solids mini looks so awesome. I REALLY need to stop procrastinating on mine!

    I don't think I recognize the fabric in your secret quilt, but it is lovely! Hmm...

  20. Best wishes to your little preschooler! If I were quilting your warm-cool HST quilt, I think I'd choose a variegated warm tones thread and a variegated cool tones thread, and do a relatively close stippling in the appropriate sections. If you use matching thread in the bobbin, you'll have a fun echo pattern on the back. That's lots of thread changes, though. However you do it, it will be lovely!

  21. It's all wonderful but especially your love of solids quilt! Good luck on the pre-school, it is way harder on the moms, the kids get to go and play and meet new friends.

  22. Oh good luck today!! Your projects look fabulous! Love that swap package, you can send that directly to me :-) can't wait to see more of that duffle, no doubt it'll be great!

  23. So every picture I said, "Oh! I love it!!" That bag looks awesome! Good luck!!

    And good luck with preschool! That's a hard day. He'll do great, though! :)

  24. Everything looks great, as usual! Good luck on the Weekender Bag, can't wait to see it finished! I hope your first day as a Pre-School mom went well. Mine is in two weeks!

  25. Hope the first day went well for both of you. E used to cry last year because she had no class on Mondays or Fridays! Love your solids swap mini and your fabric for the weekender bag is lovely :-) I hear ya on the time to yourself, in 2 weeks time I am moving to a 4 day week at work and will have 3 whole hours to myself while the kids are in preschool/school on a Wednesday, happy days!

  26. I hope you both had a great first day!

  27. Just remember he will love school but he still loves you! Mine is in kindergarten this year so now both of them are at the same school for the same hours. Heaven! Drop off and pick up at the same time! I think your bag is going to look great. I'd love to try that Sweet Harmony bag Amy did over at Amy's Creative Side.

  28. I'm sending my first off to preschool in a couple weeks, and I'm feeling the same way you do! Except I've got a 1 year old at home that will be making me feel like a mother. :)
    You do a fabulous job quilting and crafting while having a little one at home. I know how tough it can be, but you certainly inspire a lot of us! :)

  29. Oh, I hope he loved his first day of school (and that you enjoyed your time too!).

  30. I hope he loved it? Great projects...they always are!

  31. Not sure about your local independent fabric store (if you have one), but at mine, I can buy zippers by the yard.


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