Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WiP Wednesday #30

Holy cow, my WIP list seems to be multiplying at the moment!   I was away for a few days with my family last week, and missed my sewing machine terribly.  But then, after I got home, I realized how much ironing and cutting I had to do, so I haven't really gotten to use my machine a whole lot since I've been back.  I have gotten a good bit of ironing and cutting done, though, so I have piles of pretty fabric to share this week, mostly.

Pillow Talk Swap pillow - It's all finished and off in the mail!

Finished PTS pillow!

Still going!:
Kaleidoscope QAL - Look at all of the gorgeous stacks of fabric you guys are making!  So exciting!  If you haven't heard about the Kaleidoscope QAL I'm hosting, you can read up on it over here.  There's still plenty of time to join in the fun, too!  I'm working on cutting instructions and perfecting the templates (and testing how well they print!) this week.

Kaleidoscope stacks

Spiderweb quilt - I started cutting some simple patchwork squares to use to build the backing with, using up a lot of my remaining Good Folks yardage.  They sure do make a pretty stack!


Prince Charming quilt - Lots of ironing and lots of cutting yields lots of pretty little piles.  I'm hoping next week I'll have some pretty little piles of actual blocks for this one!

Princ Charming quilt in progress

Birdie Stitches June block - Wow.  This one is going to take me a while.  Lots of stitching on this one! I took it with me on my mini-vacation last week, but since my 3-year-old is under the crazy impression that if someone else is awake, he ought to be too, I didn't get very far on it just yet.


Cara's block for {Sew} Beautiful - I picked up my package from Cara yesterday and I'm really excited to start brainstorming on this block this week.  I've never made a house block before...I'm nervous and excited, so you could say I'm nerv-cited...I know, this is exactly why I am not known for my jokes...


do.Good.Stitches June blocks - Megan posted a great little tute for this block, and I've gotten as far as reading the tute.

Didn't get any love last week:
Single Girl king size quilt
Modern Crosses baby quilt
Super Secret Project
String Me Along Bee quilt

Jeni's Warm/Cool QAL - I'm doing a mini, built of HSTs in contrasting warm/cool pairs.  Jeni made a gorgeous big quilt like this a while ago, so I was super psyched to see her start a QAL.  I totally don't need another project, but I love values quilts.  And I love Jeni's blog.  So another WiP it is.  :)

Some selections for the Warm/Cool QAL

WiP Wednesday #30 Recap:
Last Week's Total: 12
Finished this week: 1
New this week: 1
This week's total: 12

What are you working on this week?  Write it up, and link it up over at Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Oh my goodness you're so busy! I am glad you put up your June Birdie Stitches block so I can have a peek. I've seen severl people stitch "straight" words using the templates, while you are stitching in bubbles around the edge of the template. I couldn't decide which way to go, but yours is fab...Hopefully you'll see mine soon enough :)

  2. Oh you are right, lots of lovely fabrics! Love that pile for your spiderweb backing. and what kind of quilt are you making with your prince charming? Love that little froggy looking at me from your photo!

  3. Wow! You have been busy!! That pillow is my favorite right now!! I feel the need to make one or two exactly like it! :)

    And oh, dear! I still need to pick my fabric for the quilt a long! :0!

    LOVE that birdie embroidery! So cute!!!

  4. I really love the gray sashing on the pillow. It makes the other colors pop.

  5. So much going on I had to shake my head to clear it after reading your post! LOL

    Good on you, I say.

  6. Ugh, I'm trying to resist the warm/cool quilt-along and you're not helping!

  7. Everything looks so so great!! I think I need to check out this warm cool quilt along! Love that stack of Good Folks, that quilt will be ah-mazing!!

  8. So many great projects! I'm really looking forward to seeing your Prince Charming come together AND the kaleidoscope qa of course - SO anxious to get started!

  9. Oh, you're working with Prince Charming. I love that line! :)

  10. Hi Elisabeth! I wish I could have also so many wonderful projects going on! You have always really beautiful fabrics and patterns you make are so great!
    Have a lovely sewing time!
    xxx Teje

  11. I love seeing all your beautiful projects and stacks of fabric! I think you are going to have a lot of people making beautiful quilts in you qal!

  12. HOLY WOW you have a lot of projects! I will be excited to see them. :)

  13. That birdie is too cute! And not that I need another project, but I think I need to join that quilt along...

  14. You were away a few days? Wow, you got a lot done. Your quilt along looks great. I think I will probably join up too, but I'm a little (okay, a lot) worried that I've already overcommitted myself to projects. We'll see. Whether I join or not, I'll be keen to see what everyone does. It's such a great idea, Elizabeth!

  15. i love how the curve of the pillow makes your edge triangles look curved, too. nice job. also, you are the 3rd person to show me the warm cool qal today. how can i stick to not signing up for more swaps/bees and qals if you ladies keep tempting me? shameful, i tell you...

  16. I promise I looked at everything and it's all gorgeous, but I keep going back to the pillow. Just beautiful!

  17. Ha! I'm signing up to new QAL's left and right--including Kaleidoscope. but I'm going away for three days of nonstop sewing, so I should hopefully make some progress on some old quilt-alongs and make way for the new ones!

  18. Nice bits of fabric you've got going there! I must photograph my fabric selections for the QAL. Of course it's the 3rd iteration of my colour story.

  19. I'm new to this WIP, and the way you've listed multiple projects is a great idea (I thought we only should list one--and I did my red/white quilt). But by listing all the WIPs, it would keep them alive and in the mind, so nothing disappears into the recesses of the quilting closet.

    That Spiderweb quilt looks wonderful--I'll be following along to see how it goes.

    Elizabeth E.

  20. I just love that pillow. Wish I were the one getting it!

  21. Haha! "didn't get any love this week"...that section on my list would be WAY too long. Shamefully long, in fact. :)
    I love your pillow cover. I think it's really cool how it looks like there are semi-circles around the edge. It's an optimal illusion! (from Veggie Tales...makes me giggle every time)

  22. That warm/cool quilt along looks fabulous. I might have to make one sometime. Love your pile of fabric for that.

  23. You have so many fun projects in the works! So excited to be participating in your Kaleidoscope QAL, looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing for it too!

  24. My goodness you are busy! Such yummy projects! I can't wait to see your Prince Charming quilt! Glad you're quilting along with me! :)

  25. That swap pillow turned out great! Love those colors ... it's sort of what I had in mind for my Supernova, but the palette for that one seemed to have a mind of its own and went off in a slightly different direction. : ) Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!


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