Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FWQAL Week #1.5

I guess it really isn't my second week yet of the Farmer's Wife QAL, but it is my second post.  I think I'll try to post about my adventures as a quilty Farmer's Wife on Tuesdays from this point forward, because you all know how I love routines :)

Since my last FWQAL post, I've made four more blocks, and two of them required much seam ripping, one of them due entirely to my lack of caffeine.  See, I like to wake up in the morning before my munchkin gets up, and have some adult time.  That usually involves coffee, but this morning, I didn't get around to making my coffee before I sat down to sew up a block...and that led to lots of seam ripping.

Block #3: Basket
This block was an exercise in determination for me.  At first, I was determined to attempt needle-turn applique.  Then, realizing how shaky my hand-sewing work is and how little I trust my hand-sewing to actually hold something together, I decided to adapt and make this work for my machine.  I had already cut the basket handle at a single strip of bias-cut fabric, so I ironed the heck out of it, then tacked it onto my block with my machine and matching thread.  I think it worked out pretty darned good, all things considered, and I adore the fabrics.

FWQAL Block #3: Basket

Block #4: Basketweave
This is my first real rail-fence kind of block.  I improvised this one a little bit - rather than cutting 12 different pieces of fabric as the templates required, I cut single strips of each of my three fabrics and then sub-cut them into the appropriate lengths after sewing the three fabrics together.  Made this block super easy to put together and super fast!

FWQAL Block #4: Basketweave

Block #5: Batwing
I love the color scheme I picked for this block.  I have never been a big fan of orange, but man, when you pair it with aqua, I really enjoy it!  This block wasn't too much of a pain to put together, although I did have a bit of an oops with it - if you look really closely, one of the orange triangles is not the mirror image of the triangle facing it, oops!  But I figure in the grand scheme of 111 blocks that no one will ever notice again, so I didn't change it.

FWQAL Block #5: Batwing

Block #6: Big Dipper
This is the block I did this morning that I had to rip apart thanks to my lack of brain function.  Instead of sewing the triangles together on the long side, this block requires you to sew them together on one of the short sides, but rather than thinking it through and laying the block out before sewing, I just started sewing the triangles together.  The wrong way.  I then had to unpick all my stitching and start over, and uttering several curse words.  I like how this block turned out, ultimately, although it is awfully busy.  I kind of like that about it, though.

FWQAL Block #6: Big Dipper

In other news, I got a super funny fortune with my take-out dinner the other night...

My fortune

After this morning's little unpicking session, I'm wondering if maybe this fortune was meant for my munchkin instead... :) 


  1. Your blocks are wonderful! I love the fabrics you are using! Pretty nice fortune too.

  2. you are my fwqal inspiration! i haven't started a single block! nope, not one! i will though, this weekend i hope... or maybe even on thursday... its been and will continue to be a veeeerrryyyy busy week. but i have to say, after staring at your batwing block for at least 10 minutes i still think it looks perfect! seriously i love it. if you like the block that i make "when that actually happens" we could switch... i'm just sayin'. ;)

  3. Love the blocks. Looks like you're starting from the beginning just like me. I have five blocks cut out, but nothing sewn yet. I'm completely skipping the baskets. I don't have the patience. Yours looks great.

  4. Great blocks! I love the batwing, and i can't figure out what's wrong with it! The basket is very cute too :)

  5. I love that last block, busy fabrics make me smile! :D

  6. Thanks for sharing all that! You are one step ahead of me, so I get to follow in your tail wind, and learn from your oopsies! Hee-hee!

  7. Looking good! I am going to have sew like a demon to catch up!

  8. All your blocks look good! I like the fabrics you're using for them all. I've got to say, I can't figure out what's wrong with the orange/aqua one, it looks perfect to me.

  9. Ha ha, I did the EXACT same thing with my Big Dipper block! Fortunately I realized my mistake after only two seams, so I didn't sew all 8 of them together that way. I blamed it on all the HSTs I've been working on for Warm/Cool!

    Anyway, all your blocks look great. Can I copy you and post my FWQA blocks on Tuesday too? I thought about putting them in my WIP Wednesday post but I think they deserve their own spot.

  10. Woman! When you're in SLC we're going for chinese!! LOL great looking blocks! The Basketweave is my fav.

  11. Cute blocks!! I love that basket!! Yay!!

  12. The yellow and pink look so fresh together!

  13. Although it's probably the simplest I really love basketweave block, the colours are so punchy and fun.

  14. The Big Dipper is my favorite as I love the business and the geometric flow of the block. Great fortune. :)

  15. Oh those blocks are beautiful!

  16. Great blocks! Funny how there's no instruction and we must be smart enough to put it together. Last night, I traced my template reversed onto my fabric without realizing it. Insert cuss words - I went with it, but that block will be backwards from everyone else's!! LEARNING!!

  17. Your bat wing comment made me giggle... When I was a kid I helped my dad hang wall paper in the kitchen. When we were putting up the last piece, we noticed we had hung it all upside down.

    We made a pact to never say anything and mom probably would not notice. She didn't and for the next 9 months she showed off her kitchen to everyone who came into the house. Then Grandma came over. She walked into the kitchen and said, "Why'd you hang the wallpaper upside down?"

    Mom noticed every day after that, but graciously never made mention of it.

    I just got my book today. I'll start my blocks later this week.


  18. Oh wow, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with froggy issues. Except usually with me, it's invariably sewing the right side and wrong side of two pieces together!

    Your blocks look great! My book came yesterday and I've taken a good look at it, plotting before I start anything. Did anyone else notice that the Churn Dash and #111 Wrench are the exact same block? Churn Dash masquerades under so many different names!

    I'll start my blocks before the week's out, hopefully, and don't know if I'll post about 'em on regular Tuesdays, but I'll be stealing the idea of posting on a regular day!

    Seems to me someone's Kaleidoscope QAL might take priority for the next six weeks or so..... :)

  19. I have made 7 blocks and a few that will be part of mug rugs because the size wasn't right. I bought a 1/4" sewing foot - hopefully my accuracy will improve. I also read at the quilting board newsletter how to accurately make the HST to get the correct size - that has been part of my problem on some of my efforts. Wish me luck.

  20. I love the colors you are using for these blocks. They look great.

  21. Orange and aqua is a great combination, so batwing and big dipper have to be my favourite. As for the fortune, maybe it means you will accomplish most with the blocks whose numbers correspond to your lucky numbers ;)

  22. Your blocks are looking great, nice choice of fabrics!


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