Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WiP Wednesday #33

Rather than marveling about how another week has passed, I'm getting right down to business this week!  Here's what's in the works...

Spiderweb quilt - Unfortunately, I can only show a snippet of this quilt because it's destined for a special home, but I can tell you this much: I've never been prouder of a quilt.  I almost cried when I took it out of the dryer.  I can't wait to show the rest to you...eventually!

Spiderweb sneak!

Still going:
Prince Charming quilt - Another gift that I have to keep under wraps, argh!!  But here's a snippet to tide you over until I can reveal it in the next week or so.  It's almost done and on its way to the birthday girl!

A snail waiting for quilting...

Farmer's Wife QAL - I was pretty productive with these this weekend, finished up four new blocks, bringing me up to a total of 10 blocks.  I am having so much fun with this quilt along!

FWQAL so far - 10 blocks in

Kaleidoscope QAL - This week, we're going to be working on piecing some of the subunits to our blocks.  I'm really enjoying working on this quilt-along, I'm loving the progress in the Flickr group.  You guys are fast!

Warm/Cool QAL - I'm waiting on some extra warm/cool squares in the mail from Caitlin to finish my quilt, but in the meantime, here's what this one is shaping up to look like, in case you missed it last week...

Warm/Cool in progress

String Me Along bee quilt - Still waiting on one more block for this quilt, so no progress yet, I'm waiting to get my hands on all of the blocks before I do anything more with it.

Super secret project - Does ironing count as progress?  Because I totally thought about doing that this week...

Single Girl quilt - I've been eyeing this one over the last week, thinking about quilting it myself.  It's a king size quilt, so I'm wondering if I'm losing my mind, but it kills me that the quilt top is just collecting dust.

New this week:
4x5 Modern Quilt Bee - Not an actual quilty WIP yet, but the admin side of the bee has definitely eaten up a chunk of my sewing time.  We've filled up our first quarter of bees, though we are taking a waiting list at this point, and hope to allow for a bigger group of bees next quarter, once we iron out the first quarter kinks!  I think Amy and I almost have everything all ready to roll, so I'm looking forward to getting some sewing time back this week! Here's my inspiration for my 4x5 quilt...


Sawtooth star blocks - I promised a bloggy friend that I would make a few of these in bright fun colors for a quilt she's working on - here's a tute, they're super easy and fun to do!

Special Delivery Project - Is it awful that the first thing I think of when I think of Special Delivery is Mister Rogers's Speedy Delivery guy?  It's probably because my three-year-old has just discovered Mister Rogers, and loves his show.  Anyway, my own personal speedy delivery guy brought me something very special to play with on Monday, and I'm really looking forward to using it, telling you guys about it, and then...can you guess what will happen then?  You'll have to stay tuned :)

Oh, happy happy day!

WiP Wednesday #33 Recap:
Last week's total: 8
Finished: 1
New this week: 2
This week's total: 9

What are you waiting for?  Hop on over to Lee's to check out some other fantastic wip-y eye candy!


  1. I just finished two quilt and work on the FWQAL and your QAL - please help me and tell me, why you put your quilt into the dryer? Any special reason?
    Thanks, Aylin

  2. Hi Nilya - Your Blogger profile doesn't have an email address attached to it, so I could only reply here on my blog. The last step of finishing a quilt, for me, is always machine washing and drying it, which is what gives it the pucker-y, quilt-y appearance. I don't consider a quilt finished until it's gone through my washer and dryer. I hope that helps!

  3. ok, thank´s a lot. I will do with the next finished quilt and watch the difference ;-)

  4. Beautiful projects!
    Love your farmer's wife blocks, and can't wait to see that spiderweb quilt!!!!!

  5. I can't wait to see your quilting on the prince charming quilt

  6. You tease!!! :) I can't wait to see the spider web quilt!! And prince charming!!!! How fun to be giving them to special homes!! That's awesome!

  7. I don't know how you have time to work on so many projects and get so many finished! I have so little time, just 4 hours between getting home after work and going to bed (I get up at 4:00 a.m.) that I'm lucky to get 1/2 an hour in on a week day.

    Those secret projects you have going are exciting!!! I'm looking forward to your AccuQuilt GO! Baby review and you-know-what!

  8. All your projects have caught my eye and peeked my interests. At least you are ready to quilt your Single Girl quilt. I'm still trying to built up to piecing it. Maybe next week ;)

  9. glad to know tha ti am not the only person with lots of projects to make!!! the farmers wife QAL is beautiful

  10. Everything looks just beautiful! Do you know that I just cried when I heard Mr. Rogers had died? I was on my way to work one morning and it just caught me completely off guard. It was like hearing your favorite uncle had died. I guess because he came to see you every day in your house to play and talk and sing when you were a kid. Sigh... memories.

  11. I am on pins and needles to see your spiderweb quilt all finished! Yay for special delivery, and agreed on thinking of Mr. Rogers!! Your warm cool HSTs look so great arranged like that!! Great WIPs :-)

  12. Oh, everything looks so beautiful! I always love your color selections. REally love your warm/cool qal. bummed I'll be sitting out of this round of 4x5 but it looks like it's going to be great, have fun!

  13. Your spiderweb quilt isn't going to be living with you??? Oh, wow. You're so generous! Lucky recipient of that quilt!

  14. Ugh, make me feel worse! I'm going to my sewing room right now to finish yours squares. I'm a hundred months pregnant and have been going to the dr twice a week and now require naps in the afternoon because this baby is sucking the life out of me... I'm a bad giver-awayer... :( Don't hate me.

  15. Can't wait to see the spiderweb quilt. You have actually made me want to make one of my own. I especially like the skinny strips (even though they are torture to do). It's on the list.

  16. (First: Did you update your blog banner? Can't remember from week to week what it looks like!)

    Bravo to you for finishing a quilt and for having others nearly completed. And I enjoyed seeing all your WIPs, but also all those blocks laid out for the Modern Quilt Bee. I have to say that your layout for the warm/cool quilt is lovely-so different than the others and a fresh, inventive way to go!

    Elizabeth E.

  17. love your warm/cool!
    and YAY accuquilt! I love mine. I keep entering drawings to try and win one for my grandma, but dang... the giveaways are super popular, lol!

  18. All your projects are looking great! Can't wait to see your spiderweb quilt.

  19. I would say that ironing counts as progress on your super secret project. However, thinking about ironing... not so much :)

  20. Looks like you are having great fun! Beautiful work!

  21. What a great quilting week! Can't wait to see your spiderwebs quilt finished, and I love your bee blocks mosaic. This should be fun--exciting that the first quarter filled up!

  22. Can't wait to see your 'surprise' projects! You have some lovely projects going on there!

  23. I'm looking forward to your spiderweb too!! Nice progress on some great projects!

  24. I can't wait to see your full reveals! And I'm absolutely loving your FW blocks, such gorgeous, bright colors. It's going to be fantastic when you get it all done.

    Can we wait a week to start sewing on the Kaleidoscope? Pretty please?! ;) I'm already behind! :(

  25. wow look at all your progress. Can't wait to see the next part of the QAL. and thanks for starting up the 4x5 I am sure it is a lot of work to get started.

  26. Love all your quilts. I wish my speedy delivery guy would bring me something very special to play with.

  27. Wow...I'm feeling very inadequate after seeing all your progress...I am also working on the Farmer's wife blocks and the warm/cool quilt and the kaleidoscope, but I am not seeing as much progress as you are...maybe I need to not think about them so much. :) Love the way you put your warm/cool blocks together!

  28. Oh, the teases! Can't wait to see your finished spiderweb - CONGRATS on getting it all quilted and done!

  29. Awww. I want to cry with you about the spiderweb quilt. You certainly should be proud!

    Your FW blocks are looking so stunning all together! They make me want more pink in mine. : )

    And heck yes, ironing counts as progress! LOL. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  30. Oh I can't wait till you share pics of the finished spiderweb quilt! I'm sure it's amazing!!!


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