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WiP Wednesday #9

I got tagged yesterday by my dear bloggy friend, Lee.  If you haven't met Lee and her blog, Freshly Pieced, you are seriously missing out.  Lee has an amazing eye for design and she's produced some seriously inspirational quilts.  My personal favorite is her Hope Valley quilt, which she's thinking about making into a quilt-along (note to Lee - yes please!).  Thank you for thinking of me, Lee!  You've probably seen these going around a little bit in the quilty blog world this week.  The Liebster blog award is for those of us with under 300 followers, and I get to pass the award on to a few other deserving bloggers, so here goes...

1) Megan @ Canoe Ridge Creations - I adore Megan's blog.  She's got a great fabric stash, thanks to a previous job at her LQS, and she's made some beautiful quilts in this last year that I've been following her, including a wonky 9-patch quilt that continues to creep into the back of my mind when I think about new quilts and a gorgeous spiderweb quilt in progress using MoMo's Wonderland.
2) Katie @ Katie's Korner - Have you seen that gorgeous AMH zig zag quilt on her blog header?  Beautiful! She did some gorgeous small wall art quilts last year, including a robot and a rocket, not to mention some truly stunning quilts.  She's also inspired me to try to make a tree skirt for my Christmas tree later this year.
3) Brooke @ April Two Eighty - I worked with Brooke last year on a quilt, and before that I stared in awe at the amazing photography on her blog.  Brooke shares everything on her blog, her sewing, her life, her love for music and interior design.  And her blog is positively drool-worthy - just check out the AMH hexie quilt she's getting started on!

Thank you, Lee, for thinking that my blog is creative and funny!  I truly love blogging and the fact that other people seem to enjoy my blog totally makes my day.  :)

And now to the works in progress regular scheduled programming...

We're just over a week into the new year, and the munchkin is already asking when it will be Christmas again.  On the bright side, he's got a birthday coming up - him and two of his cousins, actually.  All three of the grandkids on my side of the family have birthdays within a three week period starting at the end of January, so it's getting to be birthday bonanza time.  He  has already asked Mommy to make him a polka dot blanket for his birthday, so add it to the list!

Finished this week:
January Birdie Stitches block

Guy bags for the munchkin - Thanks Katie for linking to that awesome Made tutorial, the munchkin loves these silly bags!  He loves to put all of his "guys" inside and then dump them out again.

Still in progress:
Sewing ninja block - I'm almost done with this.  Really!

String Me Along January block - Linda's fabric arrived at the end of the week last week.  So far, the farthest I've gotten is moving her package into my sewing room and staring at it.  It's a String X block, and I'm a little nervous, but Linda included some super thorough instructions.

Sliced coin twin quilts for my quilt along - I've actually started on my first quilt, since I have to make two of these.  Somebody's got to be the guinea pig!  I've gotten as far as cutting and just starting to assemble, and so far, my math looks good.  I can't wait to share it with you all next week!  Don't forget, you can join in the Flickr group over here if you'd like to join in the quilt along.

No new progress:
Single Girl quilt - Yep, zero progress here.  I think about it a lot, does that count as progress?

Sew Fresh Scrap Bee - I'm going to be part of the group making a little girl quilt, so I'm super excited to see some beautiful girlie fabrics coming my way. 

3x6 Bee - I'm going to start sketching out some block ideas for this bee this week, I think.  I'm feeling a little stumped at the moment, but I'm hoping after a visit to iTunes to make a new quilty playlist and some blog reading that I might find some inspiration.

Twin robot quilts - I really intended to make a little progress on these this weekend, but I got all gung ho about Matthew's little soft book, so I got nowhere.

New projects:
Polka dot blanket for munchkin's 3rd birthday - No idea what I'm going to do with this, other than something quick.  I've gotten as far as digging through my stash for acceptable polka dots that met the munchkin's approval.

Patchwork Penny doll - My niece Katie's birthday is the first week of February, and for her, this is the year she is big into dolls.  I got Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love for Christmas this year, and I'm super excited to be using a pattern from it.  Patchwork Penny is an adorable little doll with yarn hair and a matching doll quilt.  So far, the quilt is pretty much assembled, and I've got all of Penny's pieces cut out.

Soft book tutorial - A few of you guys expressed an interest in a little tute for yesterday's little soft book for my nephew - I will work on writing one up this weekend.  It really was quite easy to put together!

WiP #9 Recap
Last week's projects: 10
Finished: 4
New projects: 4
This week's total projects: 10

One other big thing got done last week - I got a design wall at last!  No more design floor for me :)  I got a ridiculous deal on a Fons & Porter design wall, and my husband hung it up for me in my sewing room over the weekend.   I have to say, I don't know how I got by without it.  It makes my sewing room feel so much more...creative.  Now I'm off to try to be creative before the munchkin wakes up!  Don't forget to check out what everyone else is up to at Lee's WiP Wednesday linky.  Happy WiP Wednesday to you all!


  1. Elizabeth, you never cease to amaze me! I used Urban Circus for my Elephant Parade quilt, so the design I used always sticks in my mind. Kind of like a mental block. Just from your layout - I LOVE what you are doing with it for the quilt-along!

  2. You've got a lot in the works! Yes - thinking a lot about a quilt totally counts. that's where most of my WIP's are right now!
    I'm in the 3x6 bee for the 2nd quarter. Have you done it before? Is there a link about how it works? All I've been able to find is the general explanation of the group. I'm wondering if everyone comes up with sketches, etc?
    Love your wall -I'm totally jealous!

  3. I love that stacked coin quilt! So cute and those fabrics are perfect, you certainly have a lot in the works! Isn't that design wall the best?? I have the same one, and just like you can't believe I got along for so long without one! Found you on WIP Wednesday!

  4. Ohhhh - I'm excited for a soft-book tutorial!!

  5. I love the fabrics for your coin quilt. I have some urban circus and really need to find a project for it. It's just so fun.

  6. I am excited about the soft book tutorial too!! Also, the doll is too cute! I think I may have to check out that book for Little Bug. :)

  7. Ah! So much fun to see here! I am so so so excited for the soft book tute!
    And I NEED to make some of those bags for my 18 month old who is obsessed with taking things in and out of bags. She will sit for an hour or more taking some stale saltwater taffy in and out of a ziploc bag.

  8. Love the doll. Aren't those bags great? I cut some out to be little Christmas gifts for all the cousins but didn't quite get to them all. Maybe they'll be Valentine's Day presents. :)

  9. First off thanks for the tag! :) I will be passing it along later this week! Love your new design wall and it looks like you are putting it to great use already. And that little guy of yours, adorable! Looks like he loves the bags you made for him. Happy WiP Wednesday to you!

  10. Wow, so much to look at here! So much fun stuff! I am just chomping at the bit to start the stacked coins quilt! Yours looks amazing, as usual. : )

    Thanks for the nice comments! And yes, a quilt-along on my Hope Valley quilt is definitely in the works. I'm slowly formulating my plan. I'm thinking of starting it in Feb. sometime.

  11. Hooray, design wall! And finished projects! And new ones! Polka dots! :)

  12. Hey, thanks for the tag and the kind words! I'm chomping at the bit for your quilt-along. Can't wait to get started.
    P.S. Our boys would be good friends. Luke wears his Spiderman costume constantly!!

  13. You are You have a great stash of polka dots! Btw - I am super excited about your quilt along.
    Angie -


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