Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farmer's Wife QAL Week #10 :The one where I start to dread block #35

I really haven't forgotten about the farmer, it's just been busy around my sewing room, getting ready for the Sewing Summit, meeting some behind-the-scenes deadlines, and so forth...so this is my first Farmer's Wife update this month.  I'm now 34 blocks into this quilt, and I still really enjoy the hour or so I spend on two blocks a week.

FW - 34 blocks in

This week's blocks were a test in random fabric selection, and a bit of an epic fail.  I attempted the brown paper bag method of fabric selection, as I was feeling a little blocked, trying to figure out what the quilt needed more of.  I forgot to follow my usual mantra with fabric selection for this quilt - use what inspires me, use what I'm drawn to.  The paper bag experiment was fun, in a way, but I'll definitely be going back to the old way next week.

FW Block 33: Farmer's Puzzle

Block #33: Farmer's Puzzle
This block used some of my least favorite templates - the parallelograms.  I like squares.  I like rectangles.  I even like triangles.  But a rectangle that's got angled sides?  Not a fan.  I know, it's weird, I dislike a shape, but there you have it.  I'm pretty sure this isn't the first odd thing you've learned about me ;)  Anyway, this is the block that worked out pretty well as far as the fabrics are concerned.  There's a good bit of contrast here, which is what makes this block work well, and I'm happy with how it turned out.

FW Block 34: Flock

Block #34: Flock
I kind of felt like I'd already done this block, but it's really a variation on another block I did a while back, the watermelon-esque one, Birds in the Air.  This one was easy enough to put together, but this is the block where the random fabric selection just plain didn't work.  There needed to be a bit more contrast between the two fabrics in the larger HSTs, but oh well.  I think it gives the overall quilt some character, maybe a place to rest your eyes amongst all the bright colors in the quilt.

So...just another 77 blocks to go now!  It's starting to really look like a quilt!  If only block #35 didn't involved needle-turn applique...it's quite possible I may skip that block, at least for now.  Maybe at the Sewing Summit, someone will teach me how to do needle-turn applique.  I can't really see why I need to have two different basket blocks for this quilt, anyway...

And check it out, I was interviewed by Angie at Stitching by Starlight for her 10 for 10 series.  She's got a super yummy stack of fabric up for grabs, too, so hop on over!

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  1. Great new blocks, they look lovely with the others - you must be almost a third of the way through, well done! What on earth is #35? A horrible mix of parallelograms and dozens teeny tiny triangles?!

  2. Great job on your blocks! I really like the design of the Farmer's Puzzle, I don't think I've seen it before. Good luck with the applique, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully!

  3. The blocks look wonderful as usual, you are way to hard on yourself. Take it from one who knows. I read your interview and learned a lot and loved your answers. I also read and quilt for my hobbies, and I love music. But I have managed to mix my two favorite things together. I listen to books while I quilt! Try it, you will feel great!

  4. All your blocks look beautiful together! I really need to get the book and start making some of my own :)

  5. Your FW blocks are lovely together! Time for me to get back to mine.

  6. Your farmer's puzzle looks great. This sure is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  7. Love your farmers puzzle block! I also am not a fan of those baskets. If I make that block, I will most likely cheat, and just machine sew it...

  8. i love them. you are doing so great. i plan on starting mine someday. probably once everyone else's quilts are finished i will start mine.

  9. For being a simple block, other than the blasted handle, I hated everything about #35. I didn't like my color choices. I hated the handle. Don't fret about needle turn applique. Unless you want to fret, that is. I started to do the handle by hand. Hated it. (Did I mention that already??). Instead I pinned the sucker on and machine zigzagged. Does it look great? Um, it could probably look better. But you know what? It's done, it's a single block among 110 others, and it's DONE! Moving on...


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