Friday, July 26, 2013

Settling in and unpacking an old project

It's been a long couple of weeks, but we're officially moved into the new house! Yay! Now the settling in has begun, from unpacking to organizing to decorating. I know I've still got a long way to go, but it's going pretty well so far, especially now that I've started to work on my new sewing space.

Going from a mess o' thread to nice organized thread

I'm totally loving the new neighborhood and house, and I'm loving all of the light in my new sewing room! I haven't spent as much time as I'd like in there yet, getting things set up, but yesterday after organizing the closet and hanging my bulletin board, design wall, and a few favorite minis, I decided it was time to turn on the sewing machine. It felt like it'd been eons since I've sewn - so I was definitely jonesing to make something. I wanted to sew something small, something that wouldn't take too long, but that would help me get just a little bit of my sanity back!

Bulletin Board and Minis in my new sewing space

So, I turned to a project I haven't worked on in almost two years: the Farmer's Wife Sampler. AnneMarie busted hers out earlier this summer, which put the idea in my head. I really hadn't given the project much thought since I set it aside, but breaking it out of the box really put a smile on my face. I had forgotten just how many blocks I'd made so far - 37 out of 111! So, I think over the next couple of weeks as I finish up this whole settling in business, I might just make a few more of these guys. They were crazy quick to put together, and awfully satisfying.

Farming away

The first block I worked on was block #37, Flower Pot. I didn't really notice at first that the block required Y-seams, but I didn't let that stop me when I was piecing, I just kept on trucking and they turned out just fine. I forgot how quick even the more involved Farmer's Wife blocks are! That's the beautiful thing about 6" blocks, they're great for little bursts of sewing time, even if they have challenging bits.

Flower Pot - FW Block #37

I couldn't resist putting together a second block after the first one came together so quickly. I chose the Friendship Star, block #41, knowing it would be really easy to sew up. I used one of my favorite, classic color combos: red and aqua. I like the way that not only the colors contrast one another, but the prints are somewhat contrasting as well, with the red print being much more harsh and geometric than the softer aqua print.

Friendship Star - FW Block #41

As I stepped outside to take pictures of my finished blocks, I happened to catch a deer family in the backyard. It's been such fun to see all the wildlife in the conservation that our new house backs up to. I get positively giddy when I see these beautiful deer!

Mama deer and her littlest baby

I hope you're all having a great week! Where did the week go? It's going to be August next week, can you believe it? Just a few short weeks before school starts back up around here! Have a great weekend :)


  1. Hi Elizabeth and congratulations to your new home! I can imagine how busy you have been and wait to spend more time in your new lightful studio. x Teje

  2. Congrats on the new home. It must be very exciting and tiring1

  3. Happy you are getting settled in and back to sewing - and posting!

  4. What a cute little fawn! I hope you guys get settled quickly. We are moving soon and I am already feeling sad that I won't have time to sew for a little bit.

  5. Congrats on your new home! Let me know if you need any advice on keeping deer out of a vegetable garden. (I grew up in the woods and it was a constant battle.)

  6. Congratulations on your new space. I just moved too and it felt like forever since I actually had time to do some quilting. Finally back at it this week and feel normal again. Sew on!

  7. Welcome home, looks like a lovely place to be living :o)

  8. I'm happy to see that you are getting settled and sewing again. Moving can be so challenging--it forces you to make decisions about things you can usually ignore ;-)

  9. Lovely photo of the deer, congrats on your new home and sewing space :o)

  10. Enjoy this time settlign in and figureing out where everything will go

  11. Your blocks are looking good! And so glad to hear you are settling in at the new place. So often, the sewing space has to be last. After all, I guess everyone has to eat. But it's got to feel SO good to get out that machine again!

  12. I hope you don't garden--or you won't like those deer for long! :) I love all of the quilts on your wall!

  13. Yeah for you. The room looks great so far. I know how you feel, when I've been away from my machine too long I get antsy.

  14. I'm happy you're settling in! Get back to that sewing therapy!! :) I would move my machine to where I could constantly watch for lucky you are! Can't wait to see more pics as you decorate your new house. Congrats!


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