Friday, March 11, 2011

You've just got to love a block with the word "drunk" in the title

Part of me wonders if the improv nature of these drunk love blocks would be easier for me if I were drunk...

The more I work on my hope chest quilt for Kayla, the more it feels like I'm not improv-ing enough.  I'm about 20 blocks into this quilt now, it's overtaking my design wall, and while I do definitely love it, I worry that it's too modern for someone I don't even know.  I'm trying not to be too wonky, for fear that someone outside of our little quilting world wouldn't necessarily understand that - I know my mother, for instance, doesn't get the whole wonky thing, she thinks it makes things look a bit shoddy and poorly made.  I disagree, but then again, I disagree with my mother about a lot of things.  ;)

Anyway, so this quilt is moving right along, which makes me happy.  I'm hoping to wrap the blocks up soon so I can get back to wrapping up the blocks for my Single Girl quilt.  I'm feeling pretty recharged and ready to climb that last mountain of curves for those blocks, before it becomes a total UFO.

Sidebar...have you ever been hesitant to cut into the last pieces of fabric for a quilt?  I always like to have extra fabric lying about for a quilt, and with this quilt,I'm using a couple of fabrics I've been hoarding for a while...namely one of my favorite prints from Erin McMorris's Park Slope.  That dark pink swirly print is the one I'm talking about.  I cut up the last of it this morning for this quilt, and it was awfully sad.  It took all I had in me to not hop online and order another half-yard of it from some place.  Are you like that,too, when you use up your favorite fabrics?  Do you rush out to replace them in your stash?

Have an awesome Friday everyone!  And don't forget, Friday Night Sew In is coming up on 3/18, the day before National Quilting Day, and I'm going to participate (officially) for the first time.  Come join in the fun, feed the family and then sew the night away!


  1. I feel your sadness, I do that too!

  2. I think the quilt is magnificent-and I don't use big words like that every day! She will treasure it and it will be a blessing to her family--that is really what matters! Can't wait to see it finished!!!
    Carin from MHC

  3. Oh, yes, I'm always sad when I cut the last of a fabric! They're like little friends and I miss them when they're gone from my stash!

    BTW - Wonky does not equal Shoddy. Wonky is free and fun and fresh. On the other hand - fraying seams, nasty thread tails all over the place, puckered stitching, bobbin loops galore, fabric pulling apart - this is Shoddy.

  4. I think the blocks look great! Not so wonky that they would drive some people crazy, but not totally perfectly square either. I think it's a perfect combination.

    I'm not like that at all. I just simply don't cut into my favorite stuff sometimes, for fear that I'll use it all up. I think that makes even less sense, but find myself doing it anyways. :)

  5. I love those blocks! I am the same way when making things wonky, we appreciate it and love it, but someone who doesn't really "get it", like say my husband, who when I showed him what I was working on that was wonky, said "its it supposed to be crooked like that?" I think she will just love that quilt, you have done a fabulous job!!

  6. i love it. wonky bocks are my favorite!

  7. LOL - have a glass of wine tonight and see what happens with your drunk love blocks. : )

    I know how you feel about using up certain stash prints! It's like, isn't the goal to use up that stash? But yet, when you do, you're kind of sad? I've actually found that saving my selvages has helped with that. They're like my trophies to remember my fabric by when it's gone. : ) (Kind of pathetic, I know!)

  8. I really, really love the blocks! I think they are just perfect for a girl and I just know she will treasure the quilt for years.

    I'm the same way about using up the last of favorite fabric. I don't mind stashbusting but I'm always a little sad...

    Jennifer :)

  9. I love the blocks, and i don't think they are too modern at all.
    And yes, i hate using up fabric. I have been known to buy more....but i also like the feeling of using my stash. So I try to only repurchase my favs. Unless there's a sale. ;)

  10. your blocks look great!

    just last week i had to debate big time using what i thought would be the PERFECT fabric for binding cause it would mean using all of one fabric. AND it wasnt even a favorite fabric! just a fabric that would be GONE from my stash!

  11. My Mom was the same way about wonky. I did a wall hanging with wonk and loved it. Very modern. Very different from when I've been doing. And my Mom just sorta' wrinkled her nose at it. My husband is the same...looking at a design wall and says "is it supposed to be square?"

    I HATE using up the last of a fabric that I LOVE! Toni

  12. I love the way your blocks look and they are going to make one beautiful quilt. Wonky is awsome in my book!!!!

  13. I agree with Lee - you're supposed to use up your stash, but when it gets low, we feel depressed. Why is it so pleasing to just look at those stacks?? I think it's b/c they are so FULL of possibiliity. Yes, I would be the type of replace something I loved to just have more. Yikes!

    Drunk loves look fabulous. Love the colors in them. Don't worry - she'll love them.

  14. I don't think its too wonky at all, in fact I can't imagine anyone, particularly a young woman, not totally loving this look and the gorgeous colours you chose. I think it's one of the nicest WIPs I've seen in a long time, in fact I want it for myself!
    I absolutely understand what you mean on cutting your favourite fabrics, I usually order more if I'm getting to the end of paticular fabrics!

  15. I think your quilt looks fantastic. And the modern/wonky aspect of it is perfect for a younger person. they aren't going to want a traditional quilt! It's gorgeous. And yes, I shed a tear when I cut the last of a favorite fabric. Go stroke the scraps. ;)

  16. 1. I love your blocks, the color combination, the wonkiness that is not TOO wonky.
    2. I totally get kind of freaked out when a favorite fabric is nearly gone. Even though I realize brand-new "favorites" are probably on the horizon with all the fabric that is released on a near-daily basis it seems. Still, I love Lee's suggestion of saving the selvages. But then again, I also panic when I use up all the selvages from a favorite fabric. *sigh* It's an endless cycle....

  17. I think your blocks look absolutely beautiful! They are going to make a stunning quilt!

  18. The blocks are absolutely beautiful - just enough wonk. I disagree with your mom, too. Sorry Elizabeth's Mom!

    I'm not sentimental about fabric, actually - I love using it because then I can love it in a project! And then discover new favourites!

  19. Hooray, for FNSI! I'm excited, as it will be the beginning of our spring break, and I'll FINALLY be able to sew again...

  20. Hello Elisabeth! These blocks you have made are my favorites! I love the colours, I love the shape square and that 'small' shabbiness! If you love it and enjoy making it - only that counts!!! xxx Teje

  21. They look awesome!!! I'm a big fan of drunk love blocks! :)


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