Friday, May 4, 2012

Getting sketchy

I sat down and did some sketching this week.  I usually sketch at the dining room table, while the munchkin is eating a meal, since he is a fantastically slow eater.  This week, he asked for me to work on his new quilt, so I turned to a new piece of graph paper and started drawing.  Inspired by what Jessica did recently with a handful of Drunkard's Path blocks, I thought about pairing some Drunkard's Path blocks with some rectangles to create long, medieval the kind you'd see in an old-fashioned castle...


See, while the munchkin is fully obsessed with all things superhero-related, his second obsession is knights.  He loves the new show "Mike the Knight" on Nick Jr and one of his favorite things to do is to run around the house with his foam shield and sword and pretend to be a knight.

So I started drawing a castle with these windows on my trusty graph paper.  And then, the following conversation ensued...


Munchkin: What are you drawing, Mommy?

Me: A castle.

Munchkin: What for?

Me: Your quilt.

Munchkin: Oh.  But Mommy, superheroes don't live in castles.


Me: I know.  But maybe one side could have superheroes and one side could have a castle.

Munchkin: (thinks about it for a moment, then smiles) That's a really good idea, Mommy.

Me: Thanks.

Munchkin: Will it be ready for bedtime tonight?

Me:, baby.  Not for a little while yet.

Munchkin: Tomorrow night then?

So...I think I'm going to do a patchwork castle on the back.  Goodness knows I've got plenty of gray fabrics to work with!


Now if only I could decide what to do with the front!


  1. Such a sweet conversation and those grey fabrics are awesome!!

    I think your superhero Munchkin will have a great idea for the front?

  2. That conversation is so adorable! Great idea to sketch at the table. My kids are 'fantastically' slow too. Ha ha!

  3. Lovely little munchkin ;-). Just start with the back and someday while enjoying your sewing, you will get some awesome inspiration! Promised ;-)

  4. So cute!! How about doing superhero logos on the other side - that way you can cover them all!! :)

  5. I did a spiderman quilt for my nephew for Christmas and I secretly loved working with the fun fabric!

    I used a panel for the centre and then worked out from there... you can check it out here:

    good luck!

  6. haha! I love how confident he was in your finishing abilities! I don't doubt that you could finish that fast...

    Beautiful design and beautiful greys!!

  7. I love it! Luke and I could have this exact conversation. He's disappointed every time I make a quilt that isn't for him. I can't wait to see what you come up with! The castle idea is awesome.

  8. As for the other side... how about a super hero crest.

  9. I guess super heroes are not patient! :)

    Your greys are lovely!

  10. Oh that is too cute! If only it could be done for bedtime tonight :-) Sounds like a great plan, drunkards path + rectangles sounds like pure awesomeness

  11. That's going to be fun! but silly mummy not knowing where superheroes live ;o)

  12. Children always see the genius in things... :-)

  13. What about a superhero shield? Like a big shield with all the superhero fabrics- you know to protect the castle? :)

  14. What a cool idea for a quilt. Th front has to be something superhero related...just not sure what =D

  15. So cute! Love your castle and all the greys :)

  16. What an insightful young man you have there - of course super heroes don't live in castles! What were you thinking? Love your gray stash. I have two grays in mine! Have fun making this quilt.

  17. Great castle!! Kids are so funny. "Tonight?"

  18. The filmstrip quilt would work pretty neatly for superheroes: Kind of looks like comic frames. :)

  19. Children say the smartest things if only take the time to listen!

    Good luck figuring out what to do with the superhero side!


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