Thursday, December 8, 2011

Playing catch-up

It actually feels like Christmas outside this morning at my house - or at the very least, it feels like winter.  It's in the upper 40's (which for south Florida is mighty cold!) and gusty, almost blustery.  Cheesy as it is, this cold weather makes me smile, makes me feel a little more festive.  I'm really excited for the holidays this year.  I think this is going to be a really special Christmas this year.  The munchkin is three-going-on-four and Christmas is super magical to him this year, so I've spent a good chunk of time this last week or so having holiday fun with him and the husband.

We saw Santa over the weekend, enjoyed a holiday parade and tree lighting, and even went to see a Symphony in Lights (a humongous Christmas tree that lit up in time with holiday music).  The munchkin saw a local dance crew perform a few excerpts from The Nutcracker as well, which he enjoyed immensely.  It's so fun to see how excited he gets about all of these holiday festivities.

Now that Christmas is only another 16 days away (OMG!!!!!!!!), I'm starting to feel the usual holiday rush.  The holy-cow-how-am-I-going-to-get-all-these-presents wrapped rush.  The how-many-Christmas-cookies-am-I-making rush.  I'm trying to keep my cool, because that's not the only deadline fast approaching - I've still got a mountain of sewing to do before Betsy 2.0 goes in for her yearly cleaning (in just ten days, eek!).  I'm making progress, though, and I think I will be able able to wrap things up in time.  Knock on wood.  :)

I got my Secret Santa Swap package to the post office last week, and I'm just crossing my fingers that my partner will get it by Christmas!  I sent off some fabulous holiday candy along with a copy of Block Party and a little Half Moon Modern mini that I made.

SS Swap goodies heading in the mail tomorrow!

I did finish making a successful pair of PJ pants for the munchkin, though I wrapped them before I thought to take a finished picture - this is a photo of the "secret" fitting I had with him.  Clearly, I made them large enough for a grown-up, by accident, but that was a lot easier to fix and adapt to the right size than when I made them too small.  Phew.  Glad that bit of sewing is done - my brain just doesn't work for garment sewing, it doesn't make sense to me!!

And this is what happens when I try to make PJs

I'm shipping off a little gift to a special sewing friend today and I'm hoping it will brighten her day and make her laugh.  I felt super inspired last week to make something for her and just couldn't stop myself.  After she gets it, I'll show you the rest...

A sneak peek

I officially finished the very last bit of my holiday sewing last night, finishing up a pair of potholders for all of my immediate family, and I think they turned out pretty well.  I used Keykalou's (love her!) Just a Pinch potholder pattern, which is super easy to follow.  Highly recommend it :)  Naturally, I only managed to take a picture of the pair I made for the munchkin's preschool and not the other 5 pairs of potholders, but I can assure you, they're all quite cute.

Potholders for preschool

I also finished up the quilt top for my Charmed Prints Quilt Along-inspired quilt, though I did make a big oops when I was assembling the top.  I forgot to add the sashing between the rows, so rather than unpicking the rows, which made my stomach turn, I adjusted the sashing border around the blocks so the quilt would go back to being square.

Charmed Prints QAL-inspired quilt top

My Bake Shop quilt is coming along relatively smoothly, although it feels super slow - I'm finishing up the blocks today and hope to finish it up this weekend if I can.  Now that my holiday sewing is done, I'm hoping I can turn up the heat on this quilt and get it done before I have to send my machine in!

Bake Shop progress
And because I need another project much like I need another beagle mix dog who eats blinds and coloring books (remind me to tell that story another day!), I do indeed have another project, but it's the secret kind.  It does involve these yummy fabrics, though!

A new stack for a new lovely project

So, how are you doing?  I feel like I've been so out of the loop this last week, so if I haven't visited your blog, please forgive me, I'm trying to catch up now!  Are you feeling the holiday rush or taking things easy?  Have a wonderful day :)


  1. i am not feeling the rush yet, but i will, i am sure! once it's about 10 days away i will start feeling the need to get things done.

    have a lovely day! :)

  2. Great looking projects! I love the 3/4 year old stage at Christmas! SO magical!

    Good luck on all the sewing!!

    Wow, I can't believe we only have 16 days... Augh!

  3. It all looks great! I love the PJ pants!! Christmas with little ones is so much fun, I can't contain my excitement at the moment!! Lots of Christmas music in our house :)

  4. Great projects Elizabeth! I am definitely starting to feel the pinch...yet for some reason keep putting my holiday sewing aside "to work on later." Ha. I think I'm starting to run out of "laters" Love love those pot holders, I'm thinking of whipping some up also, I'll have to check out that pattern. Can't wait to see what that bake shop project is, looks awesome! Happy Holidays!!

  5. I'm feeling the rush big time!
    Love all you've done with your little guy - what fun!! And your secret santa quilt - really fun!!

  6. I think I'm still in a bit of denial about the speed at which Christmas is approaching. Last night's preschool program helped a little, though. I haven't even started shopping yet but I'm determined to do it all online. Glad your son is having so much festive fun! The PJ pants look cute and I can't wait to see your new project!

  7. I too am in denial about the rush, this coming weekend is the big push here to get and put up tree, buy the presents that have to go in the mail (courier, every year I leave it too late for mail). Your projects look like great fun and it sounds like you and your family are having some fun too.

  8. Cute projects! I love your solution to the Charmed Prints quilt. It looks great!

    I'm feeling kind of okay about my Christmas sewing. I still have a few things to do, but nothing too major.

    I think this is going to be the best Christmas age. Luke is SO excited, and he doesn't question anything. It really is magical. Only thing--we're doing an Advent calendar, and he's been getting up crazy early to see what's in it. Gotta put an end to that!

  9. Lookin' good, Elizabeth! I cannot wait to see your Bake Shop with the Half Moon Modern...I am IN LOVE with that line and can't wait to get my hands on some. All of your projects look great (love the Batman PJ pants!). Enjoy your holidays and soak up the magic...I really think ages 3 to 6 is the best for that!!

  10. I'm seriously impressed with your list of accomplishments. Good job! Everything looks great!

  11. I'm starting to feel the pinch a bit as well, especially since I have several packages that need shipped. I bought milk yesterday that expires on Christmas day. That made me realize how quickly it will be here. I'm almost finished with my Christmas sewing--although it's just some pouches for fun additions to presents. If they don't get finished, it's not a huge deal. They will just get them next year. :)

  12. Wow, you've been busy! I psoted my cards this afternoon and am planning on decorating the tree this weekend...then I can get wrapping! Good luck with the rest of your preparations and secret projects!

  13. Love all your projects (including the freakishly big jammies, but elastic is your friend :oD )

    Looking forward to seeing what the secret bits turn into...

  14. Christmas is extra special when there are children to enjoy it! Have a wonderful time.

  15. Hey you know you become my best friend when you make me something right. . . it's like for a day but it's better than nothing! ha! I heart ya lady (not in a gay way either haha) sincerely double rainbows in sl,ut

  16. Oh my oh my you've been so busy Elizabeth! It is so fun having the magical part of Christmas alive with little ones isn't it? Good luck with the rest of your sewing- I know you can do it!

  17. Haha, I have a beagle that ate our blinds too!

  18. your secret fitting had me laughing! glad you are back and i can't believe you have your christmas sewing done. i haven't even started!

  19. You have been busy! He's going to love those PJ's.

  20. Haha! I love the shot of your boy in the pants! I wish Allie was old enough to do that... I think the skirt I made her is too big - not that it matters much since she's growing like crazy!!


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