Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WiP Wednesday #14

In totally random news, whilst trying to deal with the stress of potty training over this last week or so, I managed to get so thoroughly frustrated with the lack of organization in my stash, that I got to work changing that.  Angela's tip about comic book backing boards as mini-bolts was spot-on, and my stash looks so pretty and organized now!  Jeni has been doing an awesome series on her blog about stash organization as well, which has been thoroughly educational.  I even refolded every one of my fat quarters and now I feel like I have a much better handle on what's in my stash.

And now...for the weekly works in progress round-up...

In Progress:
It's been hand-stitching city over here the last several days.  I think my machine is getting jealous, and my my hands are definitely getting sore...

Robot quilts - One quilt is fully done, but I'm still working on finishing the binding on the other one.  We've got company coming for my son's birthday tomorrow, so I suspect hand-stitching will be the the only progress I'll be making over the weekend...

Munchkin's polka dot quilt - Almost done, just another few feet of binding left to hand stitch!  Here's a sneak peek at the binding I'm using...

Single Girl king size quilt  - I'm so glad that I joined the Single Girl Support Group, it's making me actually get moving on this quilt!  I've cut my fabrics into strips and I'm starting to trace my templates onto my fabrics.

Urban Home Goods swap - I've started on my first cathedral windows pillow, thanks to Heather's tutorial and some encouragement from Brooke, and so far, it's going really well!   I feel like a pre-teen again, folding one of those fortune tellers that I used to make with my friends in middle school.

{Sew} Beautiful Bee - my turn - I'm kind of stuck here.  I keep going through my fabrics, and I keep coming back to my stash of It's a Hoot.  At the same time, though, I really loved my test spiderweb block, with all of the Anna Maria Horner fabrics, so I'm trying to figure out if I have enough in my stash to do a whole quilt like that.

Pillow for Mom's birthday - I'm running out of time here!  I've got to finish this by Sunday, so I better get a move on.  My mother collects sun face art, so I'm going to be making a cool sun pillow with some of my newly discovered yellow stash.

Waiting in the wings:
MHC quilt for Kayla
Make Mine Modern swap
String Me Along February block

WiP Wednesday #14 Recap
Last week's total: 9
Finished: 0
New: 0
This week's total: 9

And finally, a gratuitous cute picture to get you through hump day...another use for mug rugs - dog pillows!


  1. What a wonderful collection of fabrics! I love you works and the colours you use!
    Hugs for your beautiful dog!

  2. You are totally inspiring me with your beautiful organized fabric. I got my comic book backers and I just need to do it!
    Love that polka dot binding - so cute! And your dog is too adorable. love that shot.

  3. too cute!!! everything; ;including the

  4. That's the cutest doggie drool catcher ever!

  5. Great minds! I also bought those comic boards last week and have begun to refold and organize my fabrics. Your stash is so drool-worthy. Beautiful displayed like that!!

    Loving your polka dots and that is really a superb use for a mug rug! Happy WiP Wednesday!!

  6. Love your newly organized fat quarters! I could stare at that all day I think.

  7. Doesn't it just make you feel like creating to see all of that beautiful fabric displayed so nicely! Great job!

  8. I am excited to see your cathedral windows and hear how easy/hard they are. It is one project I am wanting to try...though I think I could only bear doing a pillow. A cathedral window quilt is the ultimate intimidating project for me.

  9. I love the polka dot binding choice! And I can't wait to see how your cathedral windows turn out. I've been wanting to try those too.

    I'm really wishing I'd joined the Single Girl quilt-along! Your fabrics look great.

  10. Nice organizing! If only I had that much fabric to organize. ;)
    Sweet picture of the dog. Funny how they like our stuff. Toddlers do it too. LOL!

  11. Oh my goodness, I'm drooling over your fabric stash! I think I need to do something like that, it looks like walking into a fabric store! Your WIPs look great, can't wait to see more of that cathedral window pillow, I'm definitely intimidated by those!

  12. I'm so jealous of your organization and your stash! Good for you! Happy WIP Wednesday!

  13. Awww, cute puppy. : ) I'm DYING to finish my stash reorganization, yours looks GREAT! I actually am putting all my fat quarters on mini-bolts too, and even a few pieces a little smaller than a FQ! I'm obsessed with those mini-bolts. I'm going to need more boards!

    I'm loving the polka dot binding, and those are some pretty Single Girl templates you've got there! : ) Thanks for linking up, as always!

  14. Wow! Your reorganization looks amazing. I tried to do this a few weeks ago, but I'm back to square one again. Speaking of squares...I cannot wait to see your cathedral windows! I'm trying to work up the courage to try them. And your single girl fabric selection is great, as always :)

  15. I'm excited to see how your cathedral window project turns out - I'm not brave enough to try that one yet.

  16. Wow!! Your organization looks awesome! It must be like having a fabric shop in your house! And what a cute puppy napping there - totally sweet :)

  17. Wow! Your stash looks like a store! You're putting us all to shame!

  18. Your fabric looks great! Want to come to my house? :) Very excited to see your polka dot quilt all together, that binding looks perfect. As always, love your projects. And is that a yellow lab? I have a one year old yellow lab, and he never sits still long enough for a picture. I am convinced he may have ADD :)

  19. Love the binding polka dots on that quilt!

    I think I am with ya on the stash reorg. Can you put FQ on the mini bolts or does it have to be 0.5 yds?

  20. You're giving me stash-organization envy.

  21. What a beautiful fabric stash!
    Have fun with the cathedral window blocks - I followed the same tutorial a couple of weeks ago and it came together beautifully. Fun to make, too, once you get done with all the ironing and folding of the white squares.

  22. Your stash looks beautiful! Can't wait to see your Single Girl quilt!

  23. Always a pleasure to see what you're working on. I really want to do some cathedral windows, excited to see yours when you're done!

  24. So jealous of the organized stash! Love the dog pillow!

  25. potty training is no fun! hang in there. they all get it at some point. :)

    your stash looks so nice and organized. i am jealous!

  26. OK, ummm... your "stash" looks like a store. Just sayin... :)
    I love the comic book backing idea. I've been struggling with how to store my larger-than-a-fat-quarter leftovers. Thanks for sharing!

  27. It looks great! I have loved having mine organized like this... it "almost" feels like going shopping.

    Jennifer :)


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