Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Adventures in garment sewing...

There's nothing like having a daughter to make you want to sew pretty, pretty clothes. I've wanted to try garment sewing for years, but always felt intimidated by the large pattern pieces and crazy thick pattern packets for adult garments. But baby clothes? They're tiny! How hard can they be?

I've been slowly gathering my courage to try making something garment-y for a few weeks now. Goodness knows that I surely have plenty of fabric to do it with! But I was totally lacking in the confidence department. Quilts are flat. They don't have to go over anyone's head. They always fit. I like quilts. Garments? That's a whole different story.

So I thought I'd start small - even though I wanted to dive in and make a Geranium dress right away. I decided to pace myself, and start with a simple knit headband. I've never sewn with knits, so it was a bit of an adventure, but it turned out pretty okay. Having a cute baby to put said headband on sure helps it turn out okay! But sewing the headband made me feel a little more prepared for garment sewing, what with the curves and wiggly fabric and all.

Now I'm thinking that maybe I might just be ready to a Geranium dress, having been told by a few friends who know better that it would be a simple pattern for me. I just need to work on printing out the pattern pieces and taping them together and then build up my guts to cut into some pretty, pretty fabric. I'm leaning toward this print from Denyse Schmidt's Eastham collection, because purple is totally Lorelei's color. It looks so adorable on her. So we'll see what this week brings, but who knows - maybe by next week I will have officially sewn a garment! Imagine that! Have a great week everyone :)


  1. You are a wonderful quilter and I have no doubt that your sewing skills will hold you in clothing too. The Geranium dress is a great one to start with - it's pretty easy. The gathering might be the only part that you have to fiddle with. I always eliminate the button hole in the back because babies don't like lying on a button. Instead, I use a little round Velcro dot. Email me if you get into trouble!!!

  2. You never know what you can do until you try. I never knew I could sew small squares together for a quilt until I tried. Small--1" and 1.25" and they are fun and addicting.

  3. How ADORABLE is that!!?? What a sweetie. Sewing clothes is quite easy. The only problem I find when sewing children's clothing is that the patterns always seem so big for the size you want. Make sure you measure your daughter first -- and then go from there. Some patterns come in a range of size 2 to size 6...and then you can fit them better that way if the company is using larger or smaller size charts. Have fun!!

  4. Baby clothes are great for learning new techniques even if you are already a garment sewer (or a knitter, or crocheter). The Geranium dress is a great starter and the instructions are quite thorough. You'll do great. Plus, you've already conquered one major garment sewer fear-working with knits :) Feel free to email me if you have questions or need more pattern recommendations. Sewing for baby girls is awesome.

  5. Sewing for little girls has been my favorite thing to do, both daughter and 3 granddaughters. And then they grow up and get picky!In fact, I have a few books and patterns that I'd love to give to someone who is interested, as the youngest even has outgrown the sizes. Let me know if you might be interested and I can give you more details

  6. Very cute. I had two girls and loved sewing for them.
    You will find sewing little dresses and other outfits very fun, rewarding and quite simple!
    have fun.

  7. The great thing about baby clothes is that you don't have to make them "fitted". There is quite literally a lot of wiggle room. You will be awesome! Enjoy the ride!

  8. I so understand your trepidation about garment sewing. I used to sew a lot for myself and my daughters, but gave up all sewing for a while until I started quilting. I've gradually worked back to dressmaking, but it is scary in ways that quilting isn't. I wish I had granddaughters to sew for, but I can't see the point in sewing anything for 3 grandsons. At least I can knit them hats and sweaters. Please keep us posted on your dressmaking progress, because it will bring more pictures of Lorelei.

  9. Just too cute! You've always been a cheerleader for beginner quilters like me, so just remember there are a lot of very experienced garment sewists like me who can cheer you on. You can do it!!


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